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Current prices for the 2014-2015 season :

We are a the leading bulgarian company with a six years of experience in making industrial plantations for timber production and biomass from Paulownia. In 2010 we planted the first Paulownia Shan Tong trees in Bulgaria and Europe. Based on our experience, we are now producing and selling propagating material, produced by eliyte hybrid plants Paulownia shan tong.
We offer root cuttings, seedlings and saplings.
We also provide full maintenance services on desiging and planting industrial plantations for timber and biomass. Our services include: checking and testing the terrain, giving our expert opinion, planting the trees, construction of an irrigation system, mulching and ongoing care and monitoring of the plantations.
We offer deliveries of propagating material in worlwide and services in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.
We provide basic propagating material and also technological support / know-how/ for building your own tree nurseries or a co-production.

Current prices for the 2014-2015 season :
Prices for basic propagating material / root cuttings /: from 0.25 € / pc. - 0,75 € / pc.
Prices for year-old saplings / 1,50 m. + - 15% / delivered with a bare root: from 1,70 € / pc. to 2,85 € / pc.
Planting plantations for production of quality timber /for terrains of at least 5 ha./ at a price of 2 300 € /ha to 3 000 € /ha*
including testing of the terrain, supply of saplings /incl. saplings/ , planting, with warranty, certificate and consulting
*Incl. option for building of irrigation systems and mulching of the crops ,
Indicated prices are for propagating material in our warehouse in Bulgaria.Deliveries will begin in late October.

For contact and additional information: sales@paulowniabg.info

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Paulownia shan tong - сезон 2013
Paulownia tomentosa /април 2009 - май 2013/